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Our clients leave our program feeling self-empowered, influential, and resilient.


Before coming to us, they feel frustrated, burned out, a bit lost on what to do next. But after, they have the confidence to be the thought-leader they desire to be, and many feel seen and heard for the first time.

    Working with coach Alison Malone

    Alison Nail-Malone, SHRM-CP, MA

    Principal Consultant, Executive Individual & Team Leadership Strategist

    Her Philosophy: People in our lives deserve the best from us. When we can’t do that for ourselves, it’s hard to do that for others in a fulfilling way. We can’t be present for our kids or our spouses if we can’t be fully present for ourselves. 

    Her Why: In my thirties, I faced health issues that I attribute entirely to my job. I didn’t address the healing I needed to live out my legacy. That’s what I want to offer to my clients – the ability to live out your legacy. I will be your cheerleader and push you to be the human you want to be.

    Alison has been in the Human Resources industry for over 20 years, with certifications from International Coaches Federation, Transform Coaching Academy, Birkman, DISC, and Strengthfinder. As an HR recruiter, she loved strategizing with the client and the candidates to create a win-win for both. This experience contributes to her unique ability as a leadership strategist.

     She holds a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology, which is actively integrated into her leadership practice, especially visualization. She is also preparing to receive certification in Clinical Therapy to further support her clients.

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