Impact the Outcome

Think, be, and do leadership differently

What | Elevate

  • Impact the Outcome is a 7-month transformational leadership enhancement program designed for our corporate clients to elevate your organization by developing the next generation of emerging leaders. We use individualized executive coaching, collaborative group coaching, along with specialized training on topics relevant to career, personal and leadership growth.
  • Your leaders will gain skills and knowledge of how to transform strategy into reality and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Their competence and confidence will grow, increasing their professional and personal satisfaction and, in turn, making an even bigger impact on your business.

How | Engage

  • Your organization selects 10-15 emerging leaders and/or developing leaders to participate in an Impact the Outcome cohort. They will meet monthly, focusing on a significant leadership topic with interactive training by a subject matter expert to address real-time challenges.
  • Each leader works with his/her personal Executive Coach to: deepen learning to real life and work situations: to create individualized solutions to their challenges: and design long-term strategies for success.

Why | Impact the Outcome is for your company if:

  • You are experiencing tremendous growth and changes are happening so quickly that there hasn’t been time to slow down and develop your leaders.
  • You have emerging and developing leaders who are facing difficulties in leading and communicating with their teams because of these changes.
  • You know your leaders and managers want to enhance their leadership skills and unlock their potential for authentic, transformational leadership with tangible success.

What your organization gains

  • Enhanced engagement, competencies, and leadership capabilities that bring impact to your company
  • Stronger employee retention and commitment from your leaders who are more effective, satisfied, and loyal to the organization and teams they lead

Ideal leader Participant

  • 5-15 years of professional experience
  • High-potential, high-achieving leader
  • Desire for significant organizational impact and leadership success
  • Some supervisory experience preferred or on track for management

Each participant receives

  • Discovery exercises and assessments to create a foundation of learning and road map personally and professionally
  • An initial 30-minute discovery coaching session to prepare for the program and begin shaping program goals
  • Fourteen 60-minute individual executive coaching sessions (two sessions per month)
  • An additional 15-minute “just-in-time” coaching to be used per month as needed
  • Four (4) 90-minute virtual group training and coaching sessions
  • Participant-only site for resources and communication
  • Ongoing email, professional webinars and e-learning support during the entire program