Judith Yanez Leadership Coaching Program Scholarship

Accessibility for all women, regardless of ability to pay

Access to Growth

Not everyone has a company that will invest in professional or personal development. Not everyone can afford the added budget item on their personal finances for “personal growth.” Judith Yanez is taking that burden off of you. As a client of Malone Consultants Group, Judith has experienced first-hand the transformative effect of the program. She also recognizes the lack of funding for women, especially for women of culture/color, to access personal and professional coaching programs. She is changing that through her scholarship fund at Malone Consultants Group.

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Judith Yanez, Executive Director, RootEDNWA

I am now the founding Executive Director for RootEDNWA, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering Latinx families and students. Thanks to my experience with Malone Consultants Group, I am fulfilled, living my passion and making a powerful difference in my community. I am proud to offer this scholarship so that other women can have access to Alison and her team.