A Call for Equitable, Forward Thinking & Actionable Leadership

Every day, Malone Consultants Group works towards coaching and facilitating to increase emotional and heart intelligence through leadership in the world. Yesterday, we saw again, why this is needed. We hope that you will join us in recommitting to this kind of goal and purpose.

Our Core Values & Driven Commitment features this mindset: Equitable & Inclusive Leadership; Full (and Safe) Expression & Expansion of Self; Honesty with Heart; and Connection to “Self & Their Source”.

Yesterday’s (1/6/21) terrorism in Washington DC raises one of the most difficult aspects of the concept of purpose and community that practices to doing a higher work and have a leadership presence that is brave and equitable.  This central to our vision to fuel transformation towards leadership and personal presence that works and supports all, to step out of unconscious biases/actions and into an intentional and equitable world.

As a community committed to intentionally practicing and moving forward (even if it’s 1% movement), today is another day to do our work.

  1. How will you notice and honor feelings today (yours and others); as well as acknowledge the real lived experiences of people who are marginalized?
  2. How will you pause, reflect, and respond with integrity, civility, and with actions that are equitable and inclusive?
  3. How will you step forward with purpose, that actively lifts up and amplifies the voices that continuously are oppressed?
  4. How are you willing to be brave and not use silence or side-line leadership anymore (if you are) to demonstrate who you are as a leader?


Needing additional support/resource?

1) D.O.J. Download – Coping After Terrorism (https://www.justice.gov/file/1189156/download);

2) 4 Box Breathing (https://youtu.be/CfUGpJE1D9o);

3) How to Lead Through a Crisis (https://www.ccl.org/articles/leading-effectively-articles/how-to-lead-through-a-crisis/)