It’s okay to be overwhelmed

But does it happen so often that you remain stagnant?

It’s okay to feel insecure

But wouldn’t it be great to break through your barriers of fear?


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Malone Consultants Group brings a holistic approach to develop you as a leader in your company, community, family, or any other space. We help you identify what is missing on your path to success through various techniques, such as guided meditation, self-awareness practices, authentic conversations, and hard work. You will learn to connect with people in a meaningful way and improve your positivity and mindfulness. You will take a new approach to problem-solving, leading to better experiences with your team and customers. 

 Malone Consultants Group will help you unearth your personal brand and envision your life long journey. You spend so much time thinking about work, doing work, and searching for your identity in the workplace that you should feel joy and fulfillment in that space.

Our ultimate goal is for you to feel joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.


Malone Consultants Group offers a different approach to coaching. We use emotional language and heart space to discover what you need to realize your full potential. We also provide high-accessibility for our clients, using technology to combat overbooked schedules (or social distancing).

Whether you need one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or leadership training, let Malone Consultants Group help you discover and enjoy your legacy. 


  • You’re feeling a stalemate in your career
  • You could be experiencing leadership changes or a shift in the marketplace
  • You’re struggling to connect with emerging leaders in your organization
  • There’s high turnover on your team
  • Your company is laying off employees or restructuring, and you need transitional guidance
  • It’s time to make a career change, but you don’t know where to start
  • A global pandemic has your company’s future in jeopardy (yes, I’ve coached many people through COVID-19)
  • And let’s be honest – maybe you’re a woman in a male-dominated industry, frequently getting overlooked for promotions or other leadership positions

Alison Nail-Malone, SHRM-CP, MA

Principal Consultant, Executive Individual & Team Leadership Strategist

Her Philosophy: People in our lives deserve the best from us. When we can’t do that for ourselves, it’s hard to do that for others in a fulfilling way. We can’t be present for our kids or our spouses if we can’t be fully present for ourselves.

Her Why: In my thirties, I faced health issues that I attribute entirely to my job. I didn’t address the healing I needed to live out my legacy. That’s what I want to offer to my clients – the ability to live out your legacy. I will be your cheerleader and push you to be the human you want to be.

Alison has been in the Human Resources industry for over 20 years, with certifications from International Coaches Federation, Transform Coaching Academy, Birkman, DISC, and Strengthfinder. As an HR recruiter, she loved strategizing with the client and the candidates to create a win-win for both. This experience contributes to her unique ability as a leadership strategist.

She holds a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology, which is actively integrated into her leadership practice, especially visualization. She is also preparing to receive certification in Clinical Therapy to further support her clients.

Hear from our clients on what they get out of their programs!

When I first started working with Alison, I felt extremely stuck in my career, and also my personal relationships and finances. After my VIP day with Alison, I felt whole with my inner-self. I was finally integrated with the individual parts of my spirit to heal and receive total peace. Most importantly, I gained clarity with my goals. I believed that my dreams were achievable and the steps I laid out were doable, instead of the constant overwhelming feelings that were consuming me internally. I also developed greater confidence in myself to propel myself forward to the causes I was especially passionate about. 

Alison’s ability to listen compassionately and provide meaningful feedback and responses guided me to ignite the fire within me to take steps to pursue my dream of educating people about diversity, equity, and inclusion. I developed the courage to apply for opportunities that have advanced my career so I could grow, inspire, and empower others.

My experience with Alison is priceless and I can’t thank her enough for what she has given me with her words, insights, and meditative visual guidance. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Alison. The time you spend with her will be enlightening and transforming

Xue Lee

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